Once school is out for Summer do you have trouble keeping your child focused and engaged during the Summer months? We know the importance of keeping children busy during the Summer. When school is out and their daily structure is gone, they can get bored and out of sorts. Child Care Summer programs in Amarillo, Texas may be difficult to find, but there is one fantastic solution. Martial Arts Athletic Center, or MAAC, will not only provide structure, but your children will stay active and healthy during the Summer months.

Unique Child Care

Not just for their Child Care Summer programs in Amarillo, Texas, MAAC is licensed by the state of Texas as a certified child care center. They have set the standards for Child Care Summer programs in Amarillo since 2002. Your child will not only be cared for by child care professionals, but they will receive martial arts training based on the principles of Tae Kwondo. Our philosophy is to keep our kids healthy, and one way to do that is by keeping them active. At MAAC, our Child Care Summer programs in Amarillo, Texas, we strive to do just that. But that's not all.

Respect, discipline and self-control

Using the basic concepts that are part of the Tae Kwondo tradition, your child will learn to respect themselves and others, learn how to be disciplined in their daily activities and practice self-control. In today's world, it is sometimes difficult for children to have respect for authority, and adults in general. They will learn these important traits in the safe, healthy and fun environment of MAAC, one of the most unique and successful Child Care Summer programs in Amarillo, Texas.

Non-violent conflict resolution

MAAC encourages and promotes non-violent conflict resolution. Yes, your child will learn self-defense, but they will learn how, when, where and how not to use it. Contrary to TV and movies, martial arts can emphasize how important it is to avoid physical altercations. This is the philosophy of MAAC and what the MAAC Child Care Summer programs in Amarillo, Texas will teach your child.


- Tae Kwondo Programs
- Child Boxing Programs
- Athletics / Fitness Programs
- Specialty Programs
- Field Trips
- Belt Testing

Boost in confidence - among other great things

Increased fitness is a confidence booster! Your child will gain the self-confidence that will help him/her as they enter a new grade in school at Summer's end. Being a participant in one of the MAAC Child Care Summer programs in Amarillo, Texas also helps youngsters improve their listening skills. Professionals will work one-on-one with your child to help them become more focused, and increase their ability to follow instructions and directions.

Setting goals and teamwork

Working as part of a team, setting and achieving goals are part of the MAAC Summer experience. Being able to successfully work as part of a team is an invaluable life lesson. You will notice a new sense of pride as your youngster tells you about the successes achieved by the hard work and discipline of the team.

Not all work

The Child Care Summer programs in Amarillo, Texas at MAAC are definitely not all work and no play! Your kids will enjoy the atmosphere and activity of our Summer program. They will love the arts and crafts, field trips and sports that make MAAC one of the most successful Child Care Summer programs in Amarillo, Texas.

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MAACKids Child Care

Amarillo's premere child care and After School Child Care Facilities.

After school program since 1998, and is the only martial arts school in the country to offer the level of child care that it does.

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In order to develop the skills, discipline, and self-control necessary for the proper use of Tae Kwon Do techniques, The M.A.A.C. uses a rank system. Such a system serves several purposes,

MAACKids Child Care of Amarillo

The purpose is to provide your child with the best care possible, while teaching them physical and moral principles.

The boxing program at the MAAC begins at age 7. Children will learn the art of boxing as a sport,

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