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After School Child Care Program

There's no shortage of child care after school programs in Amarillo. It's safe to say, however, that none are quite like the Martial Arts & Athletic Center kids program. Emphasizing the ancient martial art of Taekwondo. The MAAC has been offering an after school program since 1998, and is the only martial arts school in the country to offer the level of child care that it does.

Officially licensed in 2007, the MAAC program is structured around the mind and body discipline of Taekwondo, as well as placing a great emphasis on the development of moral character. Additionally, the MAAC far exceeds the state's minimum standards for child care after school programs.

How It Started

MAAC founder Grandmaster Lister decided in 1991 to implement a school program for martial arts through Amarillo High School. The program eventually branched out to other schools in the district until it was ended in 1998 due to lack of school funding. But the demand of parents who loved the program prompted Master Lister to branch out on his own and create the most unique of child care after school programs.

The Program

Besides the strict mind-body discipline of the art, Taekwondo Do also stresses moral character. Here are reasons why the MAAC program goes above and beyond other child care after school programs.


Self-discipline is at the heart of everything the MAAC program teaches. Kids who practice martial arts are continually reminded of the importance of self-discipline.

Socialization Skills

In a room filled with peers who share a common interest and goals, kids tend to thrive in a socially. MAAC after school participants bond through common pursuits.

Physical Activity

Want to get your child off the couch and away from electronics? The MAAC program sets itself apart from other child care after school programs by placing them in a physically demanding program that's also enjoyable.


Colored belts are used as a ranking system to signify the wearer's level of skill. Striving toward each new belt teaches your child lessons about setting and pursuing goals.


Achievement leads to confidence and your child will get a boost of self-esteem with every new achievement in the gym.


Your child will not learn the MAAC way of martial arts without showing respect to the instructors, and adults in general. This should be a key element of all child care after school programs, especially in a culture which doesn't always value respect for authority.

Non-Violent Conflict Resolution

Far from being what's represented on television and in movies, martial arts instruction promotes peaceful conflict resolution that emphasizes the importance of avoiding a physical altercation.

Listening Skills

Children in the MAAC program learn quickly to pay attention as they master new skills and move through the belt ranks. They'll receive plenty of verbal instruction, both in group and one-on-one settings.


The MAAC sets itself apart from many child care after school programs with its emphasis on teamwork. Children in the program rarely work on skills without the help of another.

Overall Improvement

The benefits of child care after school programs such as the MAAC go well beyond the gym as they get a boost in confidence, increased fitness and teamwork skills.

Listed above are just some of the reasons why the MAAC of Amarillo is a great place to start when seeking child care after school programs. With its emphasis on the development of moral character, discipline and respect, your child's after school time will be spent in an ideal environment.

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