Specialty Child Care Program

child care Programs Offered by the MAAC Kids

The Martial Arts and Athletic Center offers the most unique child care opportunity in the Panhandle. Since 2002, Grandmaster Mike Lister has set the highest standards in child care and development by combining childcare with martial arts training, providing children with the tools to succeed in the classroom, at home, as well as in life. 

The MAAC’s curriculum is based upon the ancient principles of Tae Kwon Do. These principles along with daily physical training will instill qualities such as respect, honesty, and integrity. This core curriculum resonates in all aspects of the MAAC program. Whether it be, martial arts training or arts and crafts, discipline, respect, and self-control are always being observed. 

Licensed by the state of Texas as a child care facility, the MAAC exceeds the state's’ child care standards. All instructors and child care workers are subject to background checks, FBI finger printings and are hired based on their ability to lead, teach, as well as care for children. The safety, care, and education of our children is the MAAC’s top priority. 

child care After School Program

The MAAC offers an exceptional after school program in which every child is able to participate in martial arts training. The MAAC picks up children from area schools, and provides time for them to grab a snack (not provided), do homework, and socialize with the other kids before training. The training offers not only great physical exercise but promotes mental well being and the development of core principles that build self-esteem and confidence. 

child care Summer Programs

At MAAC, it is our belief that an active child is a healthy child, and a healthy child is a happy child. And with the activities provided in our summer programs, we strive to keep them as active as possible. Everything from arts and crafts, sports, martial arts training, to field trips, we try and provide them with the best experiences possible to make them happy. Our goal is to provide parents with a piece of mind; knowing that they have a safe, energetic, and nurturing environment that they can bring their children to. 

Child Care taekwondo

The MAAC was founded on traditional Korean Tae Kwon Do which develops the body, mind, and spirit through techniques and form. These classes impart confidence, self esteem, and focus that helps your child to succeed at any task.

child care Boxing Program

The child boxing programs teach discipline through training and regiment which improve focus and concentration. Coach Leon teaches only the old style of boxing in which an indomitable spirit to conquer any adversity is imparted.

child care Fitness Programs

Nutrition and wellness are key to a healthy life and the fitness class teaches how to achieve just that. The fitness program teaches kids how to exercise properly and effectively, avoiding injury and maximizing their workout. The environment also creates camaraderie and promotes teamwork.

child care Special Programs

Under the special programs children are encouraged to take in more than just the physical aspects of the school. Field trips to museums, state parks, the zoo, and botanical gardens teach an appreciation for all things educational. And of course any and all accommodations are made to include children with special needs.  

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