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Child Boxing Program

The child care boxing program in Amarillo, Texas may be the answer to your child care dilemma. When you enroll your kids at the Martial Arts and Athletic Center, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing that your kids are getting healthy mental and physical activity in a safe environment - all the while learning important life principles AND having fun!

The MAAC is a licensed child care facility and has set the highest standards in child care with physical activity since 2002. The instructors and child care workers at the MAAC's child care boxing programs in Amarillo, Texas undergo a careful hiring process, including background checks and FBI finger printing. You can put your trust in the staff at the MAAC to teach, lead and care for your children.

Principles - The MAAC child care Boxing Programs in Amarillo, Texas

The boxing program at the MAAC begins at age 7. Children will learn the art of boxing as a sport, as well as many life principles that have made the MAAC's child care boxing programs in Amarillo, Texas a premier child care center in the area.

- Finish what you start
- Non-violent conflict resolution
- Respect for parental decisions
- Respect for school, teachers and peers
- Self-respect
- Self-discipline

The importance of these basic principles (and many others) is the foundation of the philosophy at The MAAC.

Boxing Program - No bullies allowed!

Boxing can be one of the most rewarding and personally challenging sports for your children. When your kids take part in the boxing program at the MAAC's child care boxing programs in Amarillo, Texas, rest assured that the goal of this program is to teach the art of the sport of boxing - not violent behavior. In fact, learning this sport actually helps youngsters learn how to control their anger and express their feelings in a non-aggressive manner.

- Determination
- Improved focus
- Self-dignity
- Sportsmanship

The purpose of the program is to teach the physically active sport of boxing and use these learned skills in a respectful, disciplined and intelligent manner. Sparring with an opponent, or even just punching a speed bag requires extreme focus, that will help your child at school - and at home.

The MAAC child care boxing programs in Amarillo, Texas takes pride in emphasizing solid boxing fundamentals for children ages seven to seventeen. As the child's skills increase, your children will be qualified to take part in boxing competitions.

What your child will need:

There are a few items of equipment your child will need to have before beginning one of the MAAC child care boxing programs in Amarillo, Texas.
- Boxing gloves
- Boxing shoes
- Chest protector
- Cup
- Head gear
- Mouth piece

You can purchase all of these items at the MAAC.

The MAAC child care Boxing Programs in Amarillo, Texas

Be sure to contact the Martial Arts Athletic Center for more information about how you can enroll your kids in their child care boxing program. Training in the sport of boxing at one of the child care boxing programs in Amarillo, Texas will help your child excel both mentally and physically, make new friends and gain the tools for success at school and at home.

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